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When I put something up to share at http://shared.musicmakesmyday.com/ and you want it, take it soon and never bookmark beyond the top level as content on that server 'could ' change. If you should read an entry and find that the shared content is no longer on the server, you may leave a comment and ask.

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Carefree Highway ...

Carefree Highway is a state highway here in Arizona that stretches a span north of Phoenix and was also the inspiration and title to an old Gordon Lightfoot song from 1974. Rhino released an album last year with five of Gordon Lightfoot's most popular songs. These are all classics and not a bunch of bad remasters like we so often see being put out. 'Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald' is one of my favorites. Friends can have the album from the private shared files and anyone else passing through can have 'Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald'. Songs like these bring back memories of that era.

Rhino Hi-Five: Gordon Lightfoot
Rhino Hi-Five: Gordon Lightfoot

Album Info.:

Artist: Gordon Lightfoot
Album: Rhino Hi-Five: Gordon Lightfoot
Year: 2006
Format: 256 Kbps mp3
Source: Amazon MP3



Music Downloads:

Lonely This Christmas

A little earlier this evening I was browsing the 7digital indiestore and found something new and good. The artist is Lucky Soul. They are new to me. They are a British indie band. They have two songs up 'Lips Are Unhappy' and 'Lonely This Christmas'. Both are very good and available as a bundle for £0.40 or roughly $0.80 USD. It states that all profits go to the War Child charity. Friends can take the songs from the private shared files, although I would encourage you to buy the bundle for the very low price it is being offered.

Why oh why does LJ embed media into an iframe?? You can safely listen to the tracks in the widget below, but don't click on the links or it will just open them in the little iframe :( Use the links below to visit the artist's page.



Here's to Wishes That'll Never Come True

Jenny Owen Youngs has a new single for the holiday's: 'Things We Don't Need Anymore'. If you're looking for something bright and cheerful, this isn't it :) Friends can have it from the private shared folder. Anyone else can spend a buck at Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody or wherever you buy music. If you have an eMusic account it is there too. You can listen to it on Jenny's myspace and buy the snocap download there too.

Jenny Owen Youngs - Things We Don't Need Anymore
Jenny Owen Youngs - Things We Don't Need Anymore



Merry Christmas

Here is my Christmas gift to the world. The Limited Edition (Christmas Edition) of Keren Ann's 2007 self-titled album. This release includes 4 bonus tracks; Silent Night, Manhà De Carnaval, Hallelujah and Tennessee Waltz. Keren's rendition of Silent Night is so soft and lovely it has become my favorite of that song.

Keren Ann - Keren Ann
Keren Ann - Keren Ann

Track Listing

1-01. It's All A Lie
1-02. Lay Your Head Down
1-03. In Your Back
1-04. The Harder Ships Of The World
1-05. It Ain't No Crime
1-06. Where No Endings End
1-07. Liberty
1-08. Between The Flatland And The Caspian Sea
1-09. Caspia
2-01. Silent Night
2-02. Manha De Carnaval
2-03. Hallelujah
2-04. Tennessee Waltz

Album Info. (Keren Ann - Keren Ann (Limited Edition).txt)

      Artist: Keren Ann
       Album: Keren Ann (Limited Edition), (Christmas Edition)
        Year: 2007
       Genre: Folk
     Bitrate: VBR
       Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III
      Source: 7digital
         Tag: ID3v2.4.0, ID3v1.1
   Posted By: Doug (musicmakesmyday@gmail.com)
        Date: 2007-12-17
   Cover Art: Front


01. It's All A Lie (5:41)
02. Lay Your Head Down (4:46)
03. In Your Back (5:36)
04. The Harder Ships Of The World (4:08)
05. It Ain't No Crime (4:17)
06. Where No Endings End (3:37)
07. Liberty (6:00)
08. Between The Flatland And The Caspian Sea (5:28)
09. Caspia (3:54)


01. Silent Night (3:18)
02. Manhà De Carnaval (1:59)
03. Hallelujah (4:21)
04. Tennessee Waltz (2:27)

Please support Keren and purchase her music.



Note: Do not link directly to these files as the christmas directory will be removed the day following christmas.

Close your eyes and you will see ...

This one is for everyone. For those on the friends list you will find the entire singles collection in the private shared files over the course of the weekend.

Blondie - Dreaming (Single)
Blondie - Dreaming (Single)
Dreaming, Sound-A-Sleep


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